Experienced in teaching physics, mathematics, and computer science courses at the high school, college, university, and post graduate levels. Experienced in teaching data processing and data management courses to business leaders.

    Conducted large scale research projects organizing and presenting data and analyses.
    Experienced in forming and running corporations and partnerships. Served as advisor and consultant to university administrations.
    Licensed professional engineer providing electrical and environmental consulting to government and industry.
    Ability to conduct needs assessment and produce cost effective solutions.
    An expert troubleshooter of large software and hardware systems. Considerable experience with analog and hybrid systems.


1967 - 1972 PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Environmental Engineering. Dissertation title, "Cooling Water Temperature Models"
1965 - 1967 MS, Johns Hopkins University, Sanitary Engineering. Thesis title, "An Approach to the Study of Heated Discharges"
1962 - 1965 BES, Johns Hopkins University, Electrical Engineering, Baltimore, Maryland.
1958 - 1962 BS, Drury College, Mathematics & Physics, Springfield, Missouri.
1946 - 1958 Elementary and secondary schooling, Springfield, MO.


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
Associate Professor Engineering. Teaching the Introduction to Computers, Calculus, Computer Applications, and Engineering Computing courses in the Part-Time Engineering programs. Three courses annually since 1962.

Assistant Professor Medicine. Taught Medical Imaging tutorial.

Assistant Professor Biostatistics. Taught Introduction to Computing in MPH program.

University of Maryland at Baltimore
Assistant Professor Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. Taught Introduction to Medical Computing.

Towson State University, Towson, Maryland
Associate Professor and Co-Chair Mathematics. Designed an ACM Curriculum 78 compliant computer science curriculum and taught algorithm, language, system architecture, and assembler courses. Formed and chaired the Computer Science Department.

Drury College, Springfield, Missouri
Laboratory Instructor Physics. In charge of setting up the physics laboratory and resolving physics students' equipment difficulties.


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
Director, Cardiology Division Systems and Computing (CDISC) Laboratory. Guide the basic research necessary to create image acquisition, quantification, and enhancement algorithms and dedicated workstations. The current research features data analyses and display of three dimensional random data. The data are acquired from radio-opaque markers in the myocardium of canines, human echo data, cineangiograms and magnetic resonance images. The methods and algorithms for data analyses including various display methods are developed in the CDISC laboratory. The systems developed allow the researcher to view, manipulate and investigate interactions that can be delineated by the markers, boundaries or radio-opaque dye within the cardio-vascular system. Computer models of
the cardiovascular system are being developed to help researchers and students understand the interrelations that exist.

Research Associate Scientist, Edison Electric Research Project 49. Direct data collection and evaluation. Study the heat exchange of cooling water discharges from thirteen thermo-electric generating sites across the United States determining the heat exchange models for lakes, rivers, and estuarine cooling water discharges.

Research Assistant, Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Collect and evaluate sanitary sewerage infiltration flow data determining the characterization of the infiltration and design criteria to manage the flows.

University of Maryland at Baltimore
Study Manager, Diabetic Retinopathy Study (DRS). Evaluate data from and manage 1748 diabetic patients with retinopathy to determine efficacy of laser photocoagulation in a clinical trial setting.

Drury College, Springfield, Missouri
Engineer Aide, City of Springfield. Provide engineering services to coordinate FHA infiltration project with Johns Hopkins University.


Westat, Inc, Rockville, Maryland
Senior Systems Analyst. Data management of the DATRI clinical trial with supervision of three programmers. Administer to eleven project staff and a Paradox and SAS based data collection and analyses system. Administer to the project desktops, RISC (Unix based) workstations, and VAX minicomputer. Supervise the electronic transfer of clinical data.

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
Director, CDiSC Laboratory. Administer to five full time programmers, two part-time programmers, four mini-computers, two super mini-computers, six workstations, thirty personal computers, a 10-Base-T local area network, and the laboratory space to house the people and equipment. The CDiSC Laboratory provided computing services to the Cardiology Division in the Department of Medicine.

Assistant Dean, Engineering. Advised electrical engineering students in the undergraduate program.

Towson State University, Towson, Maryland
Co-Chair Mathematics and Chair of Computer Science. Coordinated computer science faculty, students, curriculum, laboratories, and equipment.

Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Studies. Advised the academic dean on academic programs.

University of Maryland at Baltimore
Study Manager, Diabetic Retinopathy Study (DRS). Managed the collection and analyses of DRS data from thirteen clinics. Coordinated the follow-up of 1758 patients with diabetic retinopathy having one eye photocoagulated.

Member, Chancellor's Curriculum Committee. Advised the University administration on curriculum and course offerings.

G & M Leasing, Columbia, Maryland
Partner. Managing real estate property for lease as office condominiums.


Owner, Computation Consulting Service (CCS), Incorporated, Baltimore, Maryland. Formed corporation in 1964. Provides teaching, modelling, and system integration consulting services to City, State and Federal government, businesses, and universities in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area.

Vice President, Envirometrics, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Formed in 1969 to develop and market the electric power demand meter (US patent 3683343).

Director, Halcom, Incorporated, Fort Washington, Maryland. Formed in 1986 to develop, manufacture and market the Cardiac Acquisition And Research Tool (CAART) to research hospitals.

Engineering Aide, Drury College, Springfield, Missouri. Provided computer consulting service to Springfield City Utilities determining coal pile volumes.


American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association for Engineering Education
American Association of University Professors
American Field Service
American Radio Relay League (Life Member)
Association for Computing Machinery
Engineering Society of Baltimore (Director 1982-83)
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Maryland Academy of Sciences
National Society of Professional Engineers
Smithsonian Associate
The Society of Clinical Trials
The Society of Sigma Xi


US Patent #3683343 Electric Demand Metering
Amateur Radio W3DOT General
Multi-engine / Instrument aircraft 499442953
State of Maryland EIT 7435
State of Maryland Professional Engineer 17657
Drury College Distinguished Alumni Award for
Career Achievement 1988

PUBLICATIONS: (see attached list)

38 Publications: Seven Books, 15 articles, 16 presentations plus five articles about Willard L. Graves

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